our new book

The Brooklyn Home: Modern Havens in the City

our new book

The Brooklyn Home:

Modern Havens in the City

In The Brooklyn Home: Modern Havens in the City, readers will explore unique Brooklyn properties that bring light, warmth and calm into homes.

Each interior space embraces the past and present in original Brooklyn structures that have been reimagined and redesigned for modern living. The book also showcases Fitzhugh Karol’s sculptural work and craftsmanship as the firm’s artist-in-residence. Firmly rooted in art, design and working with local makers, The Brooklyn Home Company’s portfolio is infused with hand-carved components and locally-sourced materials that create a natural, lived-in look and feel.

“Bill, Fitzhugh and I, along with the greater team, collectively embrace moments of art and craft throughout all our living spaces, and now we get to share that effort with our community. While the book focuses on design, it’s also a celebration of Brooklyn and an inside look at the homes of residents who make the borough so unique. Our story began in Brooklyn when we founded this firm, and we hope to give readers a glimpse of our devotion to this borough and the local artisans and makers who make our homes so unique.”

- Lyndsay Caleo Karol, Creative Director of The Brooklyn Home Company