15th Street ‐ Duplex

The 15th Street Duplex combines many built in custom features, exposed beams, an interior stone wall, reclaimed floors from a defunct factory in Virginia and lots of light. This unit was staged with site specific furnishings by TBHCo's Lyndsay Caleo and custom furniture was built and installed by Fitzhugh Karol.

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The living room combines several signature TBHCo elements. From the exposed beams to the wall-­‐ mounted Fitzhugh Karol sculptures, every corner of the apartment was carefully designed and executed with a specific purpose in mind.

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The kitchen, framed by the painted brick, features high end appliances along with a handcrafted Sapele wood countertop. The bar stools are also a Fitzhugh creation.

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THBCo took a dark, damp cellar and turned it into a bright and inviting recreation space. The exposed stone wall, normally cold and uninviting, took on a new character once the space was redesigned to maximize light. The tree trunk table was sourced, cut, and sculpted in-­‐house at the THBCo studio by Fitzhugh.